Carseat Ponchos!!!

Carseat Ponchos!!!

Carseat ponchos are a MUST when it comes to carseat safety!!!!

Keep your little ones warm while assuring those straps and buckles are snug as they should be. The back of the poncho is lifted over the back of the carseat so there is ZERO extra padding between your child and the seat but also keep them snuggly and warm.

Ponchos are made with minky and lined in anti-pill fleece.

This is the first round of poncho orders for the 2017-2018 season. Round will close August 1st.
Please specify your choices of prints/sizes and a listing will be sent to you for payment.

Please note that ponchos will take 6-8 weeks to ship.

Carseat Poncho Order form

Carseat Poncho Review



  • Betty S

    Received my today and it exceeds my expectations. Thank you for the great solution to car seats, and keeping warm

  • SIobhan

    Hi! I saw a great review of your car seat poncho it was grey with orange fox. I didn’t see that as an option on your order form but would love that patten. Is that a possibility??

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