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**Listing is for a semi-custom order Carseat Poncho in Green Plaid print. Print placement may vary. Please allow 2-4 weeks to ship.**

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Carseat ponchos are a MUST when it comes to carseat safety!!!!

These will keep your little ones warm while keeping those straps and buckles snug as they should be. The back of the poncho is lifted over the back of the carseat so there is ZERO extra padding between your child and the seat but also keep them snuggly and warm.

Carseat ponchos include a layer of minky and a layer on anti-pill fleece. Very soft and cuddly! Generally you should purchase a size "up-sized" from the size your child currently wears.  

Measurements are as follows:

Size Shoulder to Wrist Neck to Waist
1/2 9.5" 9.75"
1 12" 11"
2 14.75" 11.75"
4 17.25" 14.5"
6 19.25" 16.25"
8 21" 9.75"

Transport Canada has warned parents that using bulky snowsuits in a car seat can pose a serious safety hazard for a child in the event of a crash. Thick layers of the snowsuit can be compressed from the force of a crash resulting in slack of the harness that can cause them to be ejected from the car seat. 

A carseat poncho is a PERFECT solution for this problem!!! The poncho includes a hood and a convenient snap closure front. It also has snapped "sleeves" for when in use outside the carseat. Designed to keep your child both toasty AND secure, the car seat poncho is a must-have addition to any Canadian child’s wardrobe! 

The poncho is easy to use. 
• Simply slip it onto your child before leaving the house. 
• As you place your child into the car seat, lift the back of the poncho so it’s not behind him. (This will ensure you have access to the harness system).
• Unsnap the poncho to expose the harness. Buckle your child into the harness and tighten it as usual.
• Resnap or leave open but attached at the neck to allow child easier use of hands, and you’re ready to go!