What is Grow-with-me Clothing???


Chances are, if you are here now, that you may already have some knowledge of what Grow-with-me Clothing is. If not... WELCOME you are at the right place to learn more! 

A Grow-with-me pant, hoodie or romper is pretty self-explanatory. Basically, it's a piece of clothing that GROWS with your child.  It has extra fabric at the waist and cuffs that you fold to accommodate the child's size.

See listings for additional sizing details but here is an example; On average, our large pant will fit from 6 month to 3 years, Yes they fit that long!!!!!

Why buy Grow-with-me Clothing from Mouse&Hatter Designs?

We all want to save where we can!!!

       Cost efficiency:

  • Why would you spend top dollars on clothing that might fit 1 month since we know that our littles grow like weeds!!!?
  • 1 item can fit more than one child, you can leave the house without multiple wardrobes!!!
Adjustable Coverage
  • The adjustable cuffs and waistband allows for no more skin showing! This is especially handy when babywearing when clothes tends to creep up and pull. 

Comfort :

  • With our pants and rompers no matter if you are a cloth or disposable diaper user the generous cuts we use in the thighs and bum allows them to stay comfortable. The fabric and cut of our hoodies have their comfort in mind as well. The fashionable aspect is always a bonus!