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1x Small hoodie Shark side 35$

1x Large hoodie Shark side 55$

1x Black floral max 35$

1x Med hoodie black floral 55$

1x Med hoodie black/heather 55$

1x Heather Grey max 35$

1x Med hoodie Whirld lilac 45$

1x blue apples bib 10$


3x Med AMP hoodie brown 45$/each

3x Med AMP hoodie mustard 45$/each

3x Heather max 35$/each

Small hoodies 45$/each

1x Navy buck

1x Grey buck

1x Black Floral

1x Black/heather

1x Galaxy

1x Blue Owls

1x Unicorn

Med Hoodies 55$/each

1x Black Floral

1x Black/grey

1x Galaxy

1x Blue Owls

1x Pink Bucks

Large Hoodies 65$/each

1x Navy Bucks

1x Black/heather

1x Black Floral

1x Pink Bucks

1x Galaxy

1x Blue Owls

AC Hoodies

Small hoodies 35$/each

1x icebreaker

Med hoodies 45$/each

1x Grey apples

1x To the core

1x You Rock Mint

1x Shark side

1x Whirld lilac

1x Solar 

Large hoodies 55$/each

1x icebreaker

1x LAF


Birds AC samples 

1x max 30$

1x med hoodie 45$

1x mini 25$

1x bib 10$

Total: 2225$

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