Lil' Monkey Cheeks 22/01/2018

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Bibs Reg 12$/each 

1 Charcoal plaid

3 Owls

3 Floral

3 Tri Rainbow

3 Navy Bucks

3 Grey Bucks

3 Pink Bucks

Miniloones 30$/each 

2 Pink Bucks

Maxaloones 35$/each 

4 Navy Bucks

3 Pink Bucks

1 Light Pink Bucks

Maxaloones 4"extra reg 37$/each 

Mint plaid with mint bum/ orange cuffs

Maxaloones 4"extra a.c. 32$/each 

Shark side and matching shark bum circle

Med Hoodie reg 55$/each 

1 light pink buck 

1 pink buck 

Large Hoodie a.c. 60$/each 

1 coolio

Total: 807$

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