Lil Monkey cheeks Dec 22 2020

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Maxaloones 35$/each 

4 black

4 navy buck

4 floral

3 rainbow eggplant

3 rainbow navy **Picture needed

3 dark woodland

Maxaloones 30$/each 

3 you rock

3 shark side

1 so fetch

1 whirl’d peace lilac

1 irellepehant with teal

3 Like a fox all gone

1 150

1 Out of the blue

Preorder/ Customers

1 You rock maxaloone black 30$

1 Med You rock hoodie black 45$


Small 35$

1x You Rock

1x Shark side

1x Hip 2 be

1x Shellphone

Med 45$

1x You rock

1x Flamingle

1x Bloom

1x Grey apples

1x Iguana dance

1x Cirrus

1x Ice Breaker

1x Personal space

Large 55$

1x Shellphone

1x You rock

1x Personal space

1x Who cars

1x Cardinal rule

1x Whirld in peace lilac

1x Bloom

1x hip2be

1x To the core

1x Wild child

1x Iguana dance

Underwear 15$/each 

3T whirl’d peace lilac

3T solar flower black

3T cardinal rule

4T You rock mint

4T You rock lilac

4T Shark navy

4T to the core

4T whirl’d peace

4T unicorn

4T Caturday


1x To the Core
2x Caturday
1x Bloom
1x Solar Flower
3x Shellphone
1x Grey Apples

2x Turnip

1x You Rock trex on bum

1x Who cars

1x You Rock bib 10$

1x med solar flower 25$

1x med You Rock trex on Bum 25$
1x adult 2X solar flower 25$

1x adult Lrg turnip 25$

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