Parenting By Nature 2nd installment Pants

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6-36 months (32 pairs)

2x #99 Swans (1 pink, 1 light aqua)
2x #98 Purple/Pink flowers (1 light lilac, 1 light aqua or perhaps a rose pink instead of bright pink?)
2x #88 Spring Unicorns (2 aqua)
2x #56 Light Blue floral (something light for summer like light blue or LIGHT pink)
2x Green Floral (looks like maybe navy on your website I like?)
1x #90 Hedgehogs (light pink)
1x #69 blue owls (navy) Removed**

4x #101 Cute Foxes (2 navy, 1 pink, 2 aqua)
3x #62 Woodland animals (grey)
3x Pine Trees (navy)
2 #11 Navy bucks (grey)
2 #91 Pink bucks (dark grey like on your website) 

From your website
2x Tri Rainbow (plum, aqua)
2x Pastel Stripes (plum)
2x Primary Stripes (navy)

0-12 months (10 pairs)
4x #101 Cute Foxes (2 navy, 1 pink, 1 aqua)
2x #89 Butterflies (light pink or light aqua)
2x #90 Hedgehogs (pink)
2x #80 Under the Sea (navy)
Total pants 1420$
2nd installment: 710$
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